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Allergic reaction or what?
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Jun 15, 2007
5:51 PM
This wednesday I decided to finally go to Chino Hills, California from Beverly Hills, Caifornia it probably took me 1 hour and 1/2 to drive there. upon my arrival to my appointment for a new full set of eyelash extensions I thought I hope it all goes well,,,,after all the last time I had eyelash extensions was about 2 years ago.
Well here at am, in this small hairsalon in the middle of nowhere getting them done for a missly $75.00 full set, Okay I told the girl I wanted them to look the fullest possible with 9mm, 10mm,11mm, and 12mm's. in thick black color and I also asked what glue she was using, she answered it was Oasis the newest one it was suppose to keep them in for at least 3-4 weeks.... by the way the person who recommended her didn't need a fill till almost 4 weeks into it, and the job looked fairly well that was why I even went all the way there! Well yes I went for it, I thought why not I tired of givin everyone else long beautiful lashes I need to get them too! So when it was all set and done, she handed me the mirror and Oh boy too my surprise I totally looked like a Barbie Doll nice fake, fake lashes yes, that's what I cried out!!! Okay well now what? right the job is done can't change just maybe take them off or just try and get use to them in a few days, the new look will just grow on me I paid her and I even tip her $15.00 Well turns out, I went home and the story just gets worse I was irritated the whole way home, driving in traffic and with blurry vision... As the night progressed I started developing an allergic reaction, itchy, irritated on one eye, then 12 hours later it went into the other eye,,,I had a very bad night didn't sleep well they felt pokey and my lids had swollen like I had been crying for days,,, In the morning I called one of my friends that I tried to teach in the past to apply extensions and she came by to remove them,,,okay you probably think my nightmare is over!
Of course not,,,the damn lashes didn't want to come off no matter what she used,,,,today my gel remover came in and that was what finally got them off! after working on taking them off for almost 2 hours, now I am not calling the girl that did the application in Chino to complain or nothiing, since I took it into my own hands and went into it on my responsibilty I did sign a release..that is what you should always make your clients do before starting
anything... So to finish this story now I know not to bother trying another glue or for that matter eyelash extensions at all, I guess they are not for me! too bad! by the way I don't wear glasses and I do have great vision now after this I am not sure anymore! Some people just can't wear eyelash extensions!!! I guess, some are more sensitive than others!

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Jun 15, 2007
6:26 PM
Hey everyone, I just realized one good thing of all this, is that this is some goodddddd
glue right? I think I am going to get some and first do a sample test on one of my friends maybe add just some wings and see how long she keeps them on! I know, I must be very careful since I reacted that way,,hey maybe she is not sensitive like me I'll just have to see! wish me luck!
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Jun 15, 2007
7:56 PM
I can understand a reaction. Every lash adhesive I have used on clients, causes me to break out. I try to keep it away but sometimes you can't help it. I break out in little blisters where ever it touches.
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Jun 16, 2007
9:38 AM
Hi, I skimmed your post (too much for me to read - sorry).

I have found that some clients are irritated by the eyegel pads and not the glue.

What was used to hold down your lower lashes?
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Jun 16, 2007
10:06 AM
It was just regular 3m surgical tape, you know I am still itchy and swollen almost 3 days later and I took some allergy medicine last night, and eyedrops this morning, unbelievable! I just hope none of my new clients ever go thru such problem it's pretty bad! this would definitely give eyelash extensions a very bad experience for a new comer trying them out!

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