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What does your state require?
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May 03, 2011
4:20 PM
I live in Idaho and our Board is trying to make it so ONLY cosmos can do lash extensions. I am an esthetician that has been applying lashes since I was taught in school(3 years)

Anyway my question is what state are you in and what does the board require of you?
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May 03, 2011
8:02 PM
Arizona: Board says Esthie or Cosmo

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May 03, 2011
9:45 PM
Alabama: Estie or Cosmo
Florida: Estie or Cosmo
Mississippi: Estie or Cosmo
Louisiana: Estie or Cosmo
Georgia: Estie or Cosmo
etc, etc, etc

The last time I checked, only Maryland, Vermont, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, and Minnesota restricted EE to Cosmo's only - but that has been a few years.

- email me with your phone number and we can talk - I will give you my spreadsheet with info on all the states. Although it is a little dated, it might be useful, if you plan to petition the board. What is their reason? in my state, it was purely political.
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May 03, 2011
10:22 PM
California: Cosmo or Esthie.

Although, I had a new client that decided she'd like to learn how to do extensions (no beauty experience or license) and found a company that would certify her without one (Luscious Lashes). I said she would need to have a license to do them in California and suggested she call state board. They told her she had to be licensed to apply lashes BUT its all about the wording. They told her if she charges for the product and not the service she would not be breaking any rules and gave the example of the girls at the MAC counter. Really?? I Don't know how she will get away with selling these tiny lashes and drops of glue, but she went to her training and I haven't heard back from her since ( I think she was a little peeved that I wouldn't help her). She said she was just planning on doing them on family and friends, but who knows....

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May 07, 2011
12:39 PM
Thank you all! We have petitioned the board. The reason they were trying to have it be just cosmos was because someone said it was "hair"
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May 08, 2011
5:12 AM
In Idaho, is putting on makeup in the realm of esthie work?

What about lash tinting and perming? Do your laws address those? (in Colorado, the perming is not permitted, and tinting puts the responsibility on the licensed person to know that all ingredients are FDA approved for that purpose - so not worth messing with)

If you're supposed to have a license to apply makeup, for instance, and an esthie is good enough, then the argument could be made that you're working on lashes (mascara, tinting, perming) so then this is still in that realm.

If it doesn't take a license to do makeup, then the argument would be that applying EE's is in that realm.

For what it's worth, I wouldn't bring strip eyelashes into this - those are applied to the skin, in reality, and really doesn't have much in common with EE work.

Just thoughts.
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May 08, 2011
9:11 AM
Oh, crap I'm sorry...I didn't realize I was only allowed to bring up EE's around here.
Let me clarify then...
The State Board of California stated to my ex-client that APPLYING eyelashes-of ANY kind- "for profit", falls under the scope of work for a Cosmo or Esthie. But SELLING lashes of any kind and applying them to the customer does not.

And the example of the MAC girls applying strips was a quote from the lady at the California State Board to my client...not from me. I was just relaying the info to any of my fellow Californian's who may be reading this.

For what it's worth, I, nor anyone else on here has ever brought up the fact that some of the info in your long winded posts doesn't have much in common with EE's either...but thanks for pointing that out.

Darn it...I did it again! ;)

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