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Sep 21, 2004
1:11 AM

I need some help with understanding the diffrent between pigments with and without iron oxide. I'm studying to become a Beauty therapist i Sweden and are now doing my essay about permanent make-up.
I've read that pigment with iron oxide tend to
discolor. I know that this is just one oppinion but I've read it on other pages too.
To use no iron oxide pigments I've read that it's a bigger chance ta get an allergic reaction.
Are these facts true?
Can anyone explain what happens in the body, why does pigments with iron oxide discolor? (if they do)

Thank you for taking you time to read this and I'm looking forward to get an answer.


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Sep 21, 2004
12:23 PM
I tell you, every time I hear "EZ Permanent Makeup" the hairs on my back stand up.

But just so you hear it from someone other than Jane, you should know that these people have been misleading people for years and it's all about profit.

Get the truth from places like the SPCP here:

Rule of thumb folks. If it comes from:

2. Premier Pigments
3. Anis Lacerte

then it's HYPE and you must question it!
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Sep 21, 2004
12:50 PM
Jane And Sandy!

Thank you both alot... It's difficult to know if the information on the different pages is true or not. But from what I know and what I've read from your earlier messages I really do believe you.

Do you know where I can get books or any written information about Permanent Makeup??? It's really hard to get it hear in Sweden, the courses are often being held oral.
After I'm a qualified Beauty Therapist I'm going to apply for a course in permanent makeup, so that is why I've chosen to write an essay about this topic. I really believe it's interesting, but it's a jungle and my goal is to learn more about it before I'm jumping into it.

Thank you once again

Yours truly, Tess

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Sep 21, 2004
2:47 PM

Thank you very much!
I also found information on SPCPs homepage. I know that I need training, but my intention for now is just to get information so I can write my essay and to learn more about permanent makeup during my research.
It's people like you and Jane that makes this topic alot more interesting. What I mean is just that you are answering on messages and you are active, this makes me alot more excited to get deeper into the questions about permanent makeup and also more excited to apply for a course.

Thank you once again

Yours truly, Tess

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Jane Adler
Sep 21, 2004
2:53 PM
Hi Tess,

Everything Sandy is teling you is true. Fell free to email me, so I can send you some helpful stuff.

Jane Adler
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Nov 13, 2005
6:09 PM
If I read this right the only difference is a carbon molecule? Why does that make one pigment MRI safe and the other is not? Does an MRI see carbon?

I have looked on 5 other websites looking for this post. So can someone claim that their work is MRI safe? What pigments are MRI safe because I would like to know.

Someone is claiming it and I want to know how she can do it or what she is using.
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Nov 19, 2005
9:44 AM
Please go to and read the real story. MRI's are not much of a problem for any permanent makeup or tattoo if the area is covered with a wet cloth. Some people feel a slight burning or tingling sensation during the exam, but it is transient. Again, has the story.
People like to claim organic pigments are MRI safe pigments because they contain no "iron" or other metal oxides. The theory being that iron/metals are magnetic and will affect or be affected by the MRI process. Another hype.

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